The tour “Border Ferry Service IV” crosses the river Rhein in Cologne. On the way the audience listens to stories of people who describe their arrival and journey to Germany. The stories reach from the 1970ies till today. They are testimonials to the ingenious and brave strategies of the people who faced the violence inherent in national, buerocratic or social boundaries.

Languages: German, partially Englisch
Duration: 2,5h 

In collaboration with: Akademie der Künste der Welt, Labor am Ebertplatz, IG Keupstrasse, DOMiD and Ceno e.V., Produced in Cologne, 2016

Shown in the frame of "Pluriversale V", Akademie der Künste der Welt, Köln, 2016
Shown during the "Tribunal NSU-Komplex Auflösen", Schauspiel Köln, Allerweltshaus, 2017 

Pictures: Michael Nowottny, Roel Weenink, Mauritius Pauli